HAUSSE to use LinkedIn as preferred social channel

In an effort to determine the preferred social channel moving forward, HAUSSE has landed on LinkedIn as social of choice. 

To surf the massive organic reach wave that is currently happening within LinkedIn HAUSSE has decided that all posts, teasers, announcements and releases will be made available exclusively on the LinkedIn Company page.

The Untapped Gold Mine of Organic Reach on LinkedIn right now

If you are bummed out about the low organic reach rates currently experienced on Facebook and Instagram, well, you’re not alone. HAUSSE has also experienced the same thing and decided to do something about it.

With a shared community  across Facebook and Instagram one would think that shared posts or posts with tagged friends would easily find its way to its audience. But nah ah.

Hausse Company Page Linkedin - Preferred Social Channel

After testing the same posts within similar audiences for a few months, HAUSSE has found that the organic reach per post on Facebook and Instagram pale in comparison to the reach experienced on the same posts on LinkedIn.

There are 2 main reasons for this:

  1. No matter the post type, it can easily over-index relative to your follower count.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture, a video, an article or anything else.
    If you take into account the right tagging, hashtag and keyword practices, your posts will fly.

  2. Posts tend to have a longer life-span.
    Contrary to the flash-bang post impact on Facebook and Instagram,
    we have seen months old posts gain notable new traction just because the post passed someone’s timeline again, gave it a new like, a new comment, and breathed new life into it again.

So,  don’t want to miss any future HAUSSE updates, follow HAUSSE on its preferred social channel  and you’re set!

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the new signifiers of a modern digital brand.

Frank Litjens – Sr. Digital Strategy Consultant